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About Us

We believe in wealth created in house.

House is not only a place for you to live in, it should also be treated as one of the best investments in your lifetime. Just like any investment decision, your choice to purchase a house should be based on the same investment criteria to maximize the return: cash flow, appreciation, and leverage.

Our goal is simple: to provide all the information you need to make savvy real estate investment.

At Wealth In House.com, we provide you with detailed information on every facet of a successful real estate investment based on our many years expertise in Canadian real estate market.

We pride ourselves in the informative and valuable content throughout the web pages. Thank you for your visit to Wealth In House.com.

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Real Estate Investment Pyramid

Start your real estate investment Real Estate Investment Pyramidpath with 12 levels of Real Estate Investment Pyramid. A clear and intuitive roadmap for both investment rookie and pro.


Real Estate Investment Analysis
housing analysis4 golden principles in investment analysis.
A must read before making any real estate investment decision.
Real Estate Investment Case Study
housing case studyNumbers can tell.
Secrets in successful real estate investment revealed in various RE case studies.
Working with Professionals
real estate professionalBuy

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