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Buy and Hold

On the surface, the topic in this chapter seems to be in contradiction to the last Chapter ‘Upsizing’, where real estate investors were encouraged to sell their small house for big house.

Actually, ‘upsizing’ is the process to select the right investment product. ‘Buy and hold’ is the investment philosophy your should adhere to.

In reality, ‘Buy and hold’ is one of the basic investment strategies, perhaps you would hear more often in stock market than in real estate. What this strategy tells about is the fundamental principle of investment: long-term capital appreciation.

This is more so for real estate than for stock. Comparing to the stock, real estate product is responding slowly to economic news, hard to sell quickly, as well as costing much more to sell. Savvy real estate investors do not time the real estate cycle; do not trying to catch the market bottom; and neither making the habit of ‘buying low and selling high.’

Do not look at the short-term fluctuation of the real estate market, and pay no attention to those doomsday predictions about real estate market crash. In the long run, house prices will always go up.
real estate market will crash?

Real estate is not an overnight-rich game. But if you keep invested for the long-run, you will be rewarded nicely.


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